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How to Buy

Please note that the following documents will be required to purchase and register a vehicle in Tokyo.

  • ・Proof of Parking Certificate (Shako shomei-sho)
  • ・A certified seal (Inkan shomei-sho)
  • ・Power of attorney (Inin-jyo)
  • ・Your foreigner registration certificate (Gaikokujin toroku-zumi shomei-sho)
  • ・Certificate of car tax payment (Nozei shomei-sho)

For buyers from overseas

In Japan we take extremely good care of our cars. Cars undergo regular tests and maintenance work.
Any faults are repaired immediately. Also, vehicles are kept absolutely spotless so even a small mark on the exterior is repaired right away. Annual mileage is extremely low too.
Quality standards of second hand Japanese cars are one of the highest in the world.

Payment and export information:

– Payment method: Bank transfer or L/C (Letter of Credit)
– Export method: FOB (Free On Board), C&F (Cost and Freight) or CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)

Fees associated with purchasing a vehicle

Automobile Acquisition Tax This locally governed taxation is varied in accordance to the vehicle sale price. It is evaluated by subtracting a fixed amount from the total cost of the car and any additional parts to calculate the vehicles legally defined “purchase price”.This is then taxed by the following:
3% for Commercial Vehicles
3% for Light Automobiles (k-cars)

5% for All Other Vehicle

Automobile Tax

This locally governed taxation is varied by the engine displacement of your vehicle. It is assessed once each year from the car owner as of April 1st.
Purchasing a new vehicle will require the balance payment up until the following year. For example if you purchase your car on January 1st you will need to reimburse the dealership for 3 months of taxation.

Automobile Tonnage Tax

This nationally governed tax is directly associated with the weight of your vehicle. It is paid beforehand according to the amount of years left until the next vehicle registration inspection (shaken: explained later).

Compulsory Insurance

The owner of any type of automobile is legally obliged to take out the compulsory automobile liability insurance. In the event of a road accident by automobile resulting in injury or death, this insurance covers only liability for reparation. Optional insurance schemes cover liability over and above that covered by the compulsory automobile liability insurance, such as damage to possessions, car, driver or passengers.

Recycling Fee

The Automobile Recycling Act sates that owners must bear the cost of recycling their used vehicles. All of this includes the CFC Recovery of the vehicle, breakdown, airbag and shredder dust recycling and so on.

Automobile Parking Certificate (shako shomeisho)

Once you have arranged a parking space for your vehicle, on your behalf we will submit an automobile parking certification application. The application requires a letter of acceptance and intent for the parking space, maps and the location as well as layout of the parking space to your local police station. You can obtain this through your landlord or relocation agency. If would like us to speak to the landlord on your behalf we are more than happy to assist you.

Automobile Parking Certification Acquisition Fee

This is a dealer fee for acquiring an Automobile Parking Certification (shakoshomeisho) from the police station local to your home. This is given on behalf of you certifying that you have provided a parking spot for your vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Fee

This is another dealer fee for registering the car at a JAF Transport branch office local to your area, and providing a license plate on your behalf.

Delivery Fee

This is a dealer fee for delivering the vehicle to your home or another location designated by you.

Shaken (MOT test)

This is the Mandatory Maintenance Check. New cars come with 3 years Shaken on them, there after it is extended every two years. The prices of this will vary according to the condition of your vehicle (for maintenance services) as well as vehicle type and engine (taxes).
Cash is always welcome but loan and lease are available.
Contact us for more details.