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CEO Daisuke Egashira

I started from the place where there is nothing in Heisei 12, it is supported by everyone, I have been walking with a lot of fun and it will reach today. We will continue to encourage staff to continue to provide fulfilling services in line with the times.

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Director Takeshita

Sales of high-quality cars by garage current brands, professional purchase of imported cars by foreign car king, and maintenance and car related at Tech Center will be all on a one-stop basis. In the future, we will further enhance the quality of the service so please expect it.

Hobby Drive、Car wash、TV、Alcohol
Favorite car Pontiac, Firebird T / A 6.6, 964 Carrera 2, counterk, C 20 crew cab

Manager Kurita

I got a job in the automobile industry as he likes cars.
We would like to have a happy talk with customers about their favorite cars.
I am still immature as a social worker, but I will try my best to be rude, so thank you.
We are waiting from the coming store.

From Kanagawa
Hobby Drive、Circuit driving
Favorite car 964 carrera2、180SX、SL

Sales Nagatomo

I like cars and I got a job in the automobile industry. Although I am still immature as a society person, I will do my utmost to make customers happy with my favorite car so thank you for your consideration.

From Kanagawa
Hobby Bike、Drive、Soccer
Favorite car GT-R、Dodge Charger